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What factors affect the service life of amusement equipment?

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What factors affect the service life of amusement equipment?

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What factors affect the service life of amusement equipment?

All kinds of amusement equipment are increasing, and the life span of the same amusement equipment is also different, what is the reason? What are the reasons for the different life span of amusement equipment?

1.Due to the influence of stress and strain, the shape and size of all basic structures and parts are changing to bear fatigue load in the use of amusement facilities. The main failure form of them is fatigue failure. According to conventional fatigue strength design, it is assumed that there is no initial crack in the material, and after a certain stress cycle, the crack is formed due to the accumulation of fatigue damage, and the crack continues to expand under the stress cycle until the occurrence of brittle fracture of the whole section. The stress cycle number before crack formation is called crack free life; The number of stress cycles until fatigue fracture after crack formation is called crack propagation life. The total life of the parts is the sum of the two. Generally speaking, the structural life of equipment is the basis of determining the natural life of the whole equipment. Each stress cycle will cause a certain amount of damage to parts, which will accumulate. When the damage accumulates to the critical value, the parts will suffer fatigue damage.


2. Another factor affecting the service life of amusement facilities is wear and tear. Will produce objects in relative motion, and under the action of friction, the friction surface will wear, such as between shaft and bearing, gear tooth wear, relative movement between roller and guide consumption, they destroyed the parts size and strength, when wear is more than the allowed limit, will lead to the failure of equipment.

3. The same amusement equipment is made by different manufacturers and has different service life. By good manufacturers with good materials, life will naturally be much longer.

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