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How to make children play the slide correctly and safely?

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How to make children play the slide correctly and safely?

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Slide belongs to the comprehensive sports equipment, only through climbing can slide activities. Children need strong will and confidence to play the slide, which can cultivate their courage. When the child "swoosh" down, can enjoy the joy of success. Slide is a kind of children's sports equipment, commonly found in kindergartens or children's playgrounds, generally suitable for children aged 3-6 years old, there are also special purposes of the slide, such as lifesaving slide. A slide is a ladder mounted on one side of a high shelf, and a slanted skateboard mounted on the other side (there are generally two kinds of straight and curved). Children go up from the ladder and slide down from the slanted board. A type of children's sports equipment, commonly found in kindergartens or playgrounds and generally suitable for children aged 3-6. A slide for a special purpose, such as a lifesaving slide. The advantages of slide activities can only be carried out by climbing. Children play slide need firm will and confidence, can develop children's courage. Enjoy the joy of success in the game. Among the many outdoor activities, few are suitable for children to play sports. The slide is a comprehensive sports equipment, only through climbing can slide activities. The slide is an integral part of the playground. Slide to the child's childhood added a lot of fun, the process of playing the slide on the child's growth and development has brought benefits. But do parents know how to safely slide children of all ages?


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One, the advantages of playing slide: 1. Promote the baby's touch development, let the baby in the process of playing a variety of slides, experience the different touch, promote the development of touch. The slide is your baby's first taste of speed. Different length and slope of the slide to the baby's speed experience is different, most of the baby's first feeling of speed is from the process of playing the slide. 3. Exercise coordination ability and enhance body control. From the slide process, the baby needs to master their own balance and speed, get the body coordination ability exercise. 4. Promoting the development of the great movement. The baby that often plays slide is balanced ability is very good, good balance force is the foundation of athletic ability.

Two, with the help of adults slide: when the baby can sit on their own, parents can take the baby to play the slide. Father or mother holds the baby sitting on the slide, his hands under the baby's armpit from the top down. When the baby played a few times, with experience, mom and dad just put the baby on the slide, the mother squatted at the bottom of the slide, the father stood next to the slide baby care, let the baby slide down. 2, when the baby can walk, mom and dad can take the baby to play low, gentle slide. The mother helps the baby to climb up the upper part of the slide by putting her hands under the baby's armpits, and encourages the baby to slide down (the father and mother cannot support the baby with force, and check whether the two sides of the slide are smooth and stained before sliding). 3. The baby can play the slide independently: when the baby can play the big slide, let the baby climb up the slide and then slide down. 4. Play the slide with the partner: parents take the baby to the children's paradise to play the slide with the partner, guide the baby to communicate with the partner actively, and cultivate the quality of humility of the baby.

Three,How do children of different ages play the slide? 8 months to 1 years old: at this time, the baby can play indoor kind of very low slide. But this time the baby is not able to control their own body balance, in the process of sliding, mom and dad have to protect the child along the whole slide. 1-2 years old: under the protection of parents, the baby can play the slope is relatively small straight slide, let the baby understand the rules of the topic. Age 2-3: try to get your baby on a small slide. In this process, the baby can be guided to control the sliding speed by holding and releasing the two positions on both sides of the slide with his hands, so as to feel the balance and body friction. Ages 3-4: allow your baby to try large slides and spins. Consciously exercise baby physical coordination. Try to get your baby to crawl under the slide when it's safe and empty. Exercise your child's strength on all four limbs and coordination on all hands and feet on smooth slopes.

Four,Don't wear too thin or too thick clothes. Because many slides are not very smooth surface, clothes too thin will scratch baby. Too thick clothes can interfere with mobility and make climbing unsafe. 2, clothes do not have a rope or hard objects, such as brooch. Clothes with ropes may get caught on the rails during play and cause the baby to choke. If you wear clothes with hard objects like large buttons, you will be pressed and hurt on the way to the slide. As for brooches, pins and other such things, not to let the baby wear on the body or pull on the hand to play on the slide.

Five, play slide injury emergency treatment method high fall: first check the injured parts and observe whether the baby is even awake. Observe whether there is vomiting, coma and other symptoms. Whether the head has trauma or local uplift, trunk and limbs as well as each joint can move freely. If it's just a local bruise, use a cold compress to reduce the swelling. Skin bruises: if the wound bleeds, clean the wound first and then disinfect it. If there is a bruise, use an ice pack. Additional: notice the skin is scald, the temperature of the plastic slide that summer is bared outside is actually tall get astonishing, the baby is met again when slippery come down attrition gives birth to heat, hard to avoid scald small buttock. In hot weather, parents should test the temperature of the slide with their hands before their baby goes on the slide.

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