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How do childrens play equipment experience wear and how do you deal with it?

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How do childrens play equipment experience wear and how do you deal with it?

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There are a lot of children's play equipment now, so how do children's play equipment experience wear and tear? How can we deal with the wear and tear?

(1) running in period of children's amusement equipment. The surface of the new conflict has a certain roughness, the practice touch area is very small, therefore, at the beginning of running-in, wear is very fast, followed by the continuous running-in, rough appearance of the convex gradually polished, the actual touch area gradually increased, the appearance becomes smooth and flat, wear speed gradually reduced. When it reaches a certain level and tends to be stable, it is the end of running-in period. The amount of wear during this period is called pre-wear. Running-in period is a period of conscious use of the subtle wear, for the normal operation of the smooth wear to create conditions. During this period, as for the unbreakable equipment, the principles of load reduction, deceleration and reasonable operation should be abided by, and the smooth oil with low viscosity should be added, and the temperature should be kept as far as possible. In addition, in order to shorten the run-in period can choose the appropriate leading technology, improve the utilization rate of equipment. After running-in, clean the smooth system and use the smooth oil that meets the quality requirements.


(2) stable run-in period. This period is the period of normal operation, after grinding, conflict surface machining hardening. Micro several shape changes, wear slowly and steadily. In the later stage of this period, because of metal fatigue, wear and tear is relatively accelerated, but still can continue to work, when approaching the fatigue limit of the metal, the machine must be regularly forced to repair, in case the machine caused by heavy wear and tear major mechanical accidents.

(3) period of severe wear and tear of children's amusement equipment. During this period, because outside the metal is fundamental to the fatigue limit, the surface condition of conflict attack larger changes (such as temperature rise sharply, the surface shape of micro metal scheduling changes, how much change, gap increases, smooth conditions deteriorate, etc.), the wear rate has increased dramatically, the mechanical efficiency is reduced, loss of accuracy, abnormal noise and vibration, combined with changes in the material mechanics performance, leading to component failure, must be repaired.

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