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Why arent some of the new rides better than others? Heres why

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Why arent some of the new rides better than others? Heres why

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In recent years, as more and more people are ready to invest in the indoor amusement park market, the popularity of children's amusement park is also rising. When developing new amusement equipment products, amusement equipment manufacturers always grasp the key points and move forward steadily. Today, follow the pace of small series to have a look.


In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, the consumption level and concept of the public have also improved significantly. Therefore, the development of new products is increasingly important, but some new children's amusement equipment has been put on the market since the flash in the pan, either the sales volume is not going to stop or the fault is frequent, the market recognition degree is even less than the traditional transfer horse, bumper cars and other conventional products. Experts believe that this phenomenon is caused by the following three factors:

First, entertaining.

Entertainment can be strong, the most important point of the new amusement equipment is to have a very strong entertainment, can not let visitors see this product will not play interest. Operators in your amusement equipment manufacturers to buy this product is to earn profits, if the product put out after the play of not many people, will certainly affect the operator's profits, once word of mouth formed, this product will not have the market.

Second, the concept of innovation.

Any new product must contain the element of innovation concept, which is shown in the following two aspects in the new amusement equipment: 1. Innovation in operation mode; 2. Innovation in equipment appearance.

Third, the design must be reasonable.

The design drawing at the beginning of the production of a new amusement equipment should fully consider the rationality of its operation, the selection and application of various parts, the possible causes of failure, the degree of danger and protection during operation, etc.

Playground manufacturers believe that as long as we develop new children's amusement equipment with the above elements, then, our products will not worry about no sales, not to worry about no popularity, in the market will be more and more popular, highly sought after.

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