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Investment indoor childrens paradise, how to tie up the customer from the detail?

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Investment indoor childrens paradise, how to tie up the customer from the detail?

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Indoor children's park is popular in the domestic children's amusement market, is a service industry. So how to grasp the customer's heart is particularly important. Generally speaking, the children's park franchise is targeted at children aged 3-12 years old, which is estimated to be about 25-35 years old. Although children usually play in children's playgrounds, it is important to provide good services for parents. Here are some tips for retaining customers.



1. Accurate publicity

If you want to attract more new customers, you can choose the most characteristic items in the park for discounts, interesting competitions or activities, etc., so that new customers can have a try and be unforgettable, and finally turn into old customers. If the park is to maintain the old customers, it can pick out the special items open only for members, and inform the members of the customer through SMS, in order to show the park to the old customer attention.

2. It is important to collect customer materials.

From the first time customers will be ready to seize the customer's plan, it is best to operators, I design the customer information form hint, customer material must be more detailed, the better, refers to the customer, kids and their parents, for their birthday, phone number, WeChat, qq, fun preferences, allergic to what ah, and so on, to make customers feel animalization, warm and thoughtful purpose.

3, children's paradise in the space layout and color decoration collocation best to bright, easy, cheerful as the direction of choice, may wish to multi-point color contrast. The dimensional effect that differentiates different function with these is best, transition colour can choose commonly intermediate color, the color that suits the child, the child likes is concerned with their age, should choose different color for them according to the child's age.

4, adults free, higher income.

Indoor children's park is not only to do children's business, but also to do the business of parents, if this is not seen through, the park business will not have too big growth. For example, children are charged by the hour, while adults are provided with a place to rest, so that both adults and children can enjoy quality service in the park.

5, the activity to suction eyes

Before the activity, the operator of the park should estimate the maximum passenger flow that they can bear, select the appropriate activities in the plan, and provide some temporary staff to ensure the smooth progress of the activity and make the customers happy in the park.

6. Humanized featured services

During the holiday, there are many children and many parents. Some parents may not accompany their children to play all the time. Therefore, the park can set up a cool service area with wifi, so that on the one hand, parents can rest easy and wait for their children after playing, and on the other hand, parents will be satisfied and the "loyalty" of customers will be cultivated.

7, can multi-angle multi-scope business some other items, such as some educational children's books, all kinds of soft toys, children's food and beverage, etc.

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