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  • Interesting rock climbing

    Interesting rock climbing

    Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility and balance...

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  • The volcano to climb

    The volcano to climb

    Unique shape, spectacular visual effects, volcanic climbing slide, climbing and rope projects in one, add more fun...

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  • Super big slide

    Super big slide

    While the devil's big slide looks thrilling, it's actually quite safe. First of all, the 90 ° devil slide is not a complete sense of ...

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  • Wave slide

    Wave slide

    This wave slide extends and raises the traditional slide. Dazzling color collocation, strong visual impact...

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  • Trampoline park

    Trampoline park

    Trampoline park is a jumping activity that both children and adults can enjoy. In addition, there are throwing ...

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  • Soft pack playground

    Soft pack playground

    Product design focuses on developing children's thinking Ability to help them build good habit patterns Type...

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  • Elastic labyrinth

    Elastic labyrinth

    Three-dimensional maze design make full use of the space layer height, make it a multi-layer three-dimensional ...

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  • Guns city

    Guns city

    Gun city, also known as the joy of the war city, he created a let the children's natural ability to release the ...

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  • The simulation ski

    The simulation ski

    The great charm of the simulated ski slope lies in the wide range of the age groups it covers. It is an ...

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  • Interactive projection

    Interactive projection

    Through video motion capture, image recognition and other interactive technologies, the somatosensory interactive ...

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  • The air slide line

    The air slide line

    Skyrope is a new kind of amusement, which is called the extreme sport of flying in the sky. Visitors should..

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  • Sporting a ninja

    Sporting a ninja

    Ninja competition is an indoor game designed by limei company, where players can overcome numerous...

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  • The role of house

    The role of house

    Role-playing game is a kind of game in which children creatively reflect their impressions of personal ...

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  • Sense of body movement

    Sense of body movement

    Motion-sensing is an imported interactive amusement equipment of science and technology from ...

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Early Interfunland ™ began in 2015, mainly to American family recreation center (FEC) copied to China. After 3 years of practice, the company will be restructured in 2018. Based on the original concept and according to the characteristics of the Chinese market, the company will expand from children's amusement to sports amusement...


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